Welcome to Harpswell Island Designs!

From a lifetime on the water sailboat racing and cruising, a costal lifestyle has forever been a source of enjoyment, community, and fun competition! I've always had an interest and respect for the tradition of nautical flags. Their history has captivated my attention for years as I've raced and cruised with family and friends coast to coast and port to port visiting different yacht clubs.
Now, I'm combining my nautical passion and years of professional experience in the textile and garment production industry by launching my business on the coast of Maine. A curated assortment of authentic Yacht Club burgees and International Code flags, my indoor/outdoor pillows are carefully engineered with quality materials and a construction process to ensure exceptional durability for longstanding enjoyment and use.
Success in my years of professional experience taught me, quality is THE most important element in a product. This pillow line is thoughtfully engineered with important steps taken to guarantee superior workmanship throughout the entire production process. Thoughtful planning of fabric, patternmaking, cutting, placement, stitching and construction all contribute to producing an outstanding quality, durable, and long-lasting product.
The fabric is Sunbrella®, a recognized and trusted brand distinguished as the most fade resistant, water resistant, mildew resistant and stain resistant outdoor fabric available. The pillow insert is a also water resistant and is non- allergic made of an exclusive premium microfiber.
Made for comfort and enjoyment in any kind of weather, indoor and outdoor use, these stunning pillows call you towards your nautical life all year round. Make your outdoor setting for entertainment just as cozy and stylish as your indoor décor. Bring codes to your patio, deck, boat salon, above deck or below deck and enjoy the nautical life!
Tested in the elements of Maine.
Made in Maine, using USA fabrics.